fall is here, people.

photo credit / michael curtis

life lately has been crazy. the fall is always crazy for philip's schedule, but adding another baby to mix has made it feel a little crazier. still good, but a little nutso. my patience starts to run thin with judah especially at the end of the day as we have never been able to get him to sleep well. my to do list often feels like i can't possibly get through it all and i generally don't. i am spending way more time on laundry than i ever have and coffee is one of my most faithful bffs.

i'm so not ready to part with summer. having a baby in the middle of the summer sort of changed how the summer felt. we also weren't here for the first time in seven years. i was looking forward to the break, but it's also like our little adventure we go on every summer and i hope we'll get to continue.

i've been sampling fall beers. i'm not much of a beer person, but so far i like this one.

jude took a liking to baking this summer. mainly he likes the results, but this has been my favorite recipe we have made this fall. we first tried the full fat version because it got such good reviews, but will try the healthier one soon.

i'm really liking this swaddle that i borrowed from a friend. it make sense to have room for the babies' arms to come up since both of my children used to fight the traditional swaddle.

i'm so glad to finally have some energy back to put into my little shop. during the pregnancy i thought one delightful button might be toast because of my lack of desire and energy, but its still kicking. enjoying making this new fun item lately..

we will eventually switch to cloth diapers, but right now i am loving these diapers. i love what they are made of and i can't handle the cute patterns. the price actually does seem reasonable too and the customer service is excellent.

also, did you read this? i still love starbucks, but am hoping they will start to have organic milk and clean up their ingredients. i'm hooked on this lady's blog.

that's all for now folks. happy monday!


one of the many reasons i will never be a fashion blogger


carter is a "happy" spitter. aka we are both always covered in spit up, but today we were in the clear so far so i asked philip to take a photo of us. he looked at me like, "seriously?" and continued to sit in his seat to get ready to take the photo i requested with complete disregard to the background or the angle from which he was taking the photo. there goes my nonexistent dreams of being a fashion blogger. my husband could use some photography lessons. i snapped the one of carter ;)

shoes: minnetonka thunderbird (old, but so glad they have been in style and lasted me about 10 years)
jeans: mossimo (target - old too)
cardigan: target
scarf + earrings: made by me

carter is decked out in baby gap
and the headband, i made for her

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pleated poppy


random monday thoughts

I have been noticing how I sometimes will blog something in my mind or have a thought I want to get out, but the transition from mind to computer to hitting publish is incredibly far. I had an unspoken goal in my mind to at least blog once a week. I love reading blogs and getting a little glimpse into other people's lives, but is it just me or does it feel like instagram is somewhat replacing blogs? It could never truly replace blogs in the way that Instagram can only share so much information, but I am wondering if in our society now (and maybe especially for moms of little kids?) that its easier to take a picture and share a thought on instagram rather than having to get it all the way to a formulated thought in a blog post.

I am clearly not an expert in either venue of social media, but I was already noticing this in myself and one of my favorite bloggers, Ashley Ann, mentioned that someone called her an "instagrammer" and not a "blogger." I do love instagram and how you can cover up your pasty skin and make everything look beautiful, but I also love blogs and love hearing what other people are thinking a doing. So let's keep blogging, kapeesh? With that said here goes nothing...

Life with two kids has been challenging, but fun for the most part. My to-do list and laundry often feel never ending, but then sometimes when I get a free second, I can't remember what I need to do. Some days parenting makes me feel bi-polar because I will go from a state of love and euphoria to all of a sudden incredibly frustrated with life and my children. (I do not think I am actually bipolar.......right??)
Carter is a dream. I cannot believe how easy and sweet she is. Jude is speaking and able to articulate himself so much more. It makes life with him generally a lot more fun as he can communicate his funny thoughts. He also has moments of stubbornness that make me want to pull my hair out. One of my favorite Jude-ism right now is "What's called this?" instead of "What's this called?". He says this potentially 1,000 times in a day. He also can be really sweet to her and I caught him entertaining her the other day.
Their "shared nursery" which I will eventually share in photos on here is really just Judah's room and it happens to have a crib in it. The most Carter does in the room is occasionally have her diaper changed or lays in the crib while I am doing something with Jude. And lately, her crib as become a boat or is it a plane? We got a video monitor for Carter, but it's really been nice to check up on Judah during "quiet time."

Photos of the nursery probably will not realistically happen until I can find a spare moment where mr. crazy has not dumped all his toys in his sisters bed, but you know, maybe those are the real nursery photos anyways instead of the perfectly organized bookshelves.

These thoughts have been really random, but I guess that's how my mind is working lately. It probably has always worked this way, but I'll just pretend like it is the exhaustion of a newborn and a toddler.


september goals

As much as I have tried to avoid it, summer is coming to a close. I know Labor Day sort of closes out summer, but I am pretty sure summer technically ends a ways in September. So don't push pumpkins on me yet, people! (even if there is a 6-pack of pumkinhead beer in our fridge already!!) After having a baby and the start of a new season, I feel excited for some change so here are a few goals for September...

  • Exercise 3-4 times a week. The baby weight has not just fallen off like last time while I ate whatever my heart desired. I have started running...slowly...everything hurts, but for the first time in a long time I have the desire to work out. 
  • Meal plan for the week. Meal planning for the month was a little to difficult for me...I may try it again, but for now weekly meal planning of healthy meals would be a small victory. 
  • Weekly date night with Philip...as the fall picks up and now the craziness of having two kids is in full effect, our nights are generally packed so this feels a little more important. 
  • Continue reading through my Bible in a year plan....reading has all together become a lot more difficult. 
  • Take at least one photo a week of Jude + Carter. This shouldn't be too difficult, but I want to remember to preserve these memories of them little and cute and sometimes I forget to take pictures even though its so easy with the iPhone. 
  • Sell or giveaway clothes I have not worn in over 2 years. One thing I did read was Hayley Morgan's ebook, The No Brainer Wardrobe. I am feeling inspired to finally simplify my closet and hopefully invest in some clothes that I feel good about.  
  • New fall products online....soon!
xo! here goes nothing! 


august sale!

Let's be honest... the seasons are NOT starting to turn yet. I do love some pumpkin themed items, but my summer has flown by with a newborn on my lap so I am going to hold strong, enjoy August and refrain from mentioning any of my favorite pumpkin treats. However, I am doing some prep for the next season and have some new items I am excited to share with you all. 

take 25% off my entire shop (includes free shipping too!) // use the code AUGUST for the next week. 


lately // 002

so this is real life...

Making: lots of breastmilk. did i start there? oh yes, i did. 
Cooking: the occasional meal. lots of family and friends have helped and taken the load of me. 
Drinking: coffee, huzzah! 
Reading: blogs....hard to read with a newborn. my hands are always full. looking forward to reading again. 
Wanting: time with philip and as a family. we have loved having visitors, but we haven't been just the four of us yet and i can't wait. 
Looking: at carter. all the time. i love her. 
Playing: trucks....fire trucks...boy stuff...
Wasting: time on Facebook? couldn't really think of anything for this, but i do hate facebook
Wishing: to freeze time every once in awhile...is she already a month old??
Enjoying: summer
Waiting: for jude's nap to end
Liking: coffee...this is a theme - i just have missed it so much
Wondering: why my phone battery is sucking lately. 
Loving: when jude asks to hold carter 
Hoping: to find a little bit of time to work on business projects
Needing: a nap or the ability to drink coffee in the afternoon and still sleep at night. 
Smelling: the occasional b.o. - natural homemade deodorant only works so well. 
Wearing: a mix of maternity and normal clothes...gosh i miss normal clothes
Noticing: how my belly has shrunk, but is still very present
Knowing: this is a short season in our lives, having two littles and i should soak it up. 
Thinking: wow, i cannot think that well. i am sleepy. 
Feeling: hazy. sleep deprivation makes it hard to think. 
Bookmarking: new craft ideas. 
Opening: lots of gifts for carter - thank you all that have sent things!
Giggling: at the kardsashians. favorite guilty pleasure. 
Feeling: happy. that is one emotion jude expresses - and i love that he says "i feel happy" so i do too...

happy saturday!


Carter's Birth Story - Part II

Continued from Part I...

So we went in, but we didn't bring our bags into the hospital. We didn't want to be overly excited if this was not the real thing. Apparently a lot of babies decided July 8th would be a good time to be born too because we showed up to a full labor and delivery. No rooms. Like Mary and Joseph we had no place to go. Okay, overstatement, they were cleaning our room and the waiting room was packed out with grandparents. No way was I sitting in that tiny crowded room having contractions every few minutes. We walked back and forth the down the hallway until we had a room about an hour or so later. We met our awesome nurse, Kristine. She looked a little like Arizona on grey's. She liked helping people labor naturally. Yes, yes. Everything was coming together. I was so happy to finally sit down and be in a room. The midwife checked me and I was 4cm and said we should stay.

We settled in and tried the different options to help labor. I cannot say enough good things about Beverly Hospital and our nurses and midwives. Anything from my birth plan that was considered crazy in Virginia was basically standard procedure in Beverly. Wait to cut the pulsing cord, yes. mineral oil to minimize tearing, yes. Tub with jets, yes. I had to be monitored the entire time because of the csection, but could still move around with ease.

It started to get blurry as the night got later. Contractions seemed to be increasing and we expected to have the baby sometime that night, but as the night wore on, I wasn't so sure. I started to get really tired early in the morning and anxious when I knew my team of people would be leaving at 7am. We hardly slept at all and as I got tired and slept some in between contractions, labor seemed to have slowed. The midwife broke my water, but nothing seemed to help. We walked and walked, but nothing was working. Kristine and our midwife left at 7am and when the new nurse and midwife came in, I was a hot mess. The sun was up, but we wouldn't open the blinds because we didn't want to face the new day. Lots of babies had been born overnight, but we were still in the throws of it, only 5cm dilated. I hadn't thought about it until now, but I labored all night just to dilate another cm.

Our new midwife suggested we start pitocin. You can use pitocin to augment labor that has already started in a vbac. I did not want to do pitocin. I cried and we debated over it. I knew it would be hard for me to continue to labor naturally with the pitocin and I was already at the end of myself. We finally, tearfully started the pitocin. I was mess. I couldn't seem to breath through the contractions anymore, I just laid on the bed and cried. An hour-ish in I asked for an epidural. In retrospect, I wish I had asked Philip to walk one more lap with or tried the tub again, but I just needed some rest at that point and made a quick decision. They gave me the epidural and then I cried because I wondered if that would be the last time I would feel a contraction and realized I would now passively sit on the bed. I also had fear that I was creating a recipe for a c-section by doing the epidural. What if labor stopped or stalled or her heart rate dropped? But we slept....and slept and rested until noon.

I eventually decided I wanted to sit up a little to have gravity help even if it meant I would mess up the epidural's distribution. I don't remember much in this time frame. Everything moved slowly. They slowly increased the pitocin, we had some light-hearted conversation with our new nurse, who was growing on me despite the fact that she was not as supportive or knowledgable about natural births. We had listened to our playlist so many times that james taylor would be ringing in my ears for days and I asked Philip to shut it off. Around 3:30pm, I started to feel pressure on my bowels, which could be a sign that it was time to push. The nurse thought it was probably just the epidural wearing off because I had sat up too much. She checked me though because my midwife was busy delivering another baby (seriously how many babies would be born before my own?).

To my surprise, I was 10cm and the baby's head was very low. I couldn't believe this was actually going to work. She decided to see if I was a "good pusher" before she called the midwife and I tried to push. She could not believe how ready the baby was to come out and quickly alerted the midwife. I still had the epidural in my system and was feeling good. I couldn't believe how easy this last stretch was. After about 30 minutes of pushing, Carter arrived and they promptly put her on my chest. She was still covered in vernix and was a mere 7 lbs 14 oz. They allowed her to lay on my chest for several minutes and Philip cut the umbilical cord shortly after. The whole process was incredible. They cleaned her off and weighed her in the room and she never had to leave my side.

We are so grateful she is finally here...through a long winter and pregnancy filled with morning sickness throughout, she was worth the wait.